#Broccoli #Cheese #Stuffed #Chicken #Breast

Broccoli Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast
#Broccoli #Cheese #Stuffed #Chicken #Breast

#Broccoli #Cheese #Stuffed #Chicken #Breast

Broccoli cheese crammed hen breast has been a recipe i’ve been looking to make forever and now that i’ve made it, i wish i might have made it quicker! So here’s the deal. My kids are not your common children on the subject of meals.

I continually knew they have been greater inclined to strive ingredients, however while my 6 yr vintage daughter came domestic from faculty, saw chopped broccoli on my reducing board and without delay requested if she could consume it… properly, that’s just no longer everyday… is it?

Then, whilst i used to be making this recipe, she turned into right by my side, terrific excited that i used to be no longer handiest stuffing this chicken with broccoli, but additionally red bell peppers.

She’s now not the handiest one among my youngsters who receives enthusiastic about vegetables. I bet i ought to chalk this one up to a parenting win.

So subsequent time my youngsters do some thing completely embarrassing like farting in the middle of church, i’ll just take into account that at the least they eat their vegetables.

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